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Business Operations Alignment Services

All business processes need to be aligned with business goals and strategy.  Key to that alignment requires understanding where the value is added in each business process.  Once the waste, or low value steps, are identified their costs can be calculated.  Once the costs of the wasteful steps are known, they can be sorted for elimination or improvement.

StrAIT Advisors can provide the skills inventory and tools to work with you to improve your existing business processes.  More...

IT Operations Alignment Services

Management of your IT infrastructure and services has become a vital part of modern business.  The alignment of those IT services with your business operations requires the use of best practices, or IT Service Management but with a focus on the importance of relationships.  By having the dual focus of best practices and relationships, we insure that IT stays focused on the needs or their customers and not just the technology.

StrAIT Advisors can provide the skills inventory to work with your company here as well.    More...

Manufacturing Operations Alignment Services

For companies like many manufacturers, distributors and VARs, process control systems are a major part of managing their business.  StrAIT Advisors focuses on how data is collected from those automated systems and made available to business systems.  Our skills inventory includes experience with many “historian” vendors along with the actual use of these systems in industry.  More...

BITA Triage

Just like in an emergency room, the first order of business is to do a quick, preliminary diagnosis to identify and prioritize what needs to happen next.  With a low cost, high speed, stand-alone BITA Triage assessment you will have just that to manage your business IT alignment issues.  More...

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