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StrAIT Advisors offers a mix of experience and skills that allows us to offer diverse but aligned services to our clients.  We serve midmarket clients with typical annual revenues from $30 million to just under $1 billion per year in revenues, depending on industry.  We also serve the vendor community which serves those clients.  A list of our services is available here.

The markets we serve include manufacturing, manufacturing related services and the E&P sector of the energy industry.  For E&P we focus on optimizing surface operations, including digital oil field support.

StrAIT Advisors are your business process - IT systems alignment experts

Aligning your IT systems with your business processes and relationships means lower costs and a more effective, adaptable enterprise

If you are a business executive who feels that you aren’t receiving the value from your IT investments that you should be receiving, StrAIT Advisors can help.  We can provide:

If you are a vendor, consultant or contractor serving the midmarket, StrAIT Advisors can help make you more competitive through our partnering services.  Our service offerings and skills inventory is a pool of capabilities available to you to extend your brand and pursue opportunities not accessible with your resources alone.  For example we can provide: